The Swashbuckler's Ball

Our glorious sponsors help to make the Swashbuckler’s Ball afloat! Each year, we host a raffle to raise money for a local charity. Sponsor contributions help bolster the success of the event and the charity raffle. The partner charity for the 2017 Swashbuckler’s Ball will be announced soon!

Please send us a missive if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Swashbuckler’s Ball!

2017 Swashbuckler’s Ball Sponsors


~ GOLD ~

 Cruzan Rum

SeaDog Nation



Three Mugs Brewing

BG Reybolds Cocktail Provisions

Seven Sails Vineyard

Forge & Thistle

Paintings by Jae Burlingame

Midnight Armor

Trackers Earth

Shield Made Design



Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats

Studio City Tattoo

Dale Favier Massage

Caveman Medicine

Portland Beardsmen

Bob Wall of the Outrageous Fortune

Morton Ketchup Co.


Thomas Webb Fine Art & Illustration

OryCon 39

Elmer’s Flags & Banners

Rogue Brewery

Jolly Roger

Pirate Coffee Company

Pirate Bread

Hurricane Hair Wraps

RIDES Moustache Wax