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Would you like to be a part of the Swashbuckler’s Ball crew? Here be your opportunity. We are looking for volunteers who will be working roughly three hour shifts. In exchange for your working at least one full shift, we will give you a free general admission ticket. If you are interested in volunteering send us an email at this link and we will contact you.

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Announcing new sponsors are always exciting and today I get to welcome Cold Fusion Laboratories aboard. If you are a fan of caffeine, as we are, you should take some time getting to know these guys as they strive to bring you their “unique, delicious, and highly caffeinated Cold VeXeD Coffee for your consuming contentment.” What is not to like about a company that has the “continuing mission, to explore strange, new coffee. To seek out new types and new […]

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Please join us in welcoming Swashball’s newest sponsor- iDope! About iDope If you have a iPhone, Ipad or iPod than iDope Portland has got you covered. iDope Portland can help you create the completely unique iPhone, iPod or iPad you’ve always wanted or repair your iProduct to out-of-the-box quality. Even better, need to repair your cracked screen? Replace it with one of our custom color screens. Either way, get your fix at iDope Portland. After iDope’s birth in Florida, the […]

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Yes, you did indeed read that right- Swashbuckler Productions has teamed up with our media sponsors Funemployment Radio to craft the ticket package of the year: THE 5-YEAR TICKET PACKAGE! The Weekend of November 14th/15th, 2014 shall be the most epic of all-time in the city of Portland, OR, with 10 YEARS OF CELEBRATION, IN TWO NIGHTS! In honor of this Funemployment Radio and Swashbuckler’s Ball have to come together to offer ONE DISCOUNTED PRICE to ATTEND BOTH PARTIES!! The […]

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Hands about ship! Avast yer doin’s fer the Captains have a spot of news to be tellin’. In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, for one day only, you can get your hands on Swashball General Admission tickets for $5 off. All ye have to do is enter the discount code “ITLAPD” on checkout to get $5 off each GA ticket- with NO LIMITS. This discount ends at midnight so turn to and get yours now.

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Avast! SwashBall tickets are selling as fast as a fine, weatherly ship with a clean bottom and a following wind. After selling out of every last VIP Package in less that two days the General Admission tickets started to disappear. Remember that every ticket to the 2014 Swashbuckler’s Ball includes full access to the entire Emerald Ballroom. This will includes the main floor, GA seating around the “Main Deck” VIP area, and the “Crows Nest” balcony! Balcony? Oh yes, there […]

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