The Swashbuckler's Ball

Master Robert “Cockroach Blair” (aka Robert Ramstead) has a pair of donations. The first is cedar-faced Prudencio Saez model 4a Spanish cedar-faced acoustic guitar and the second is a decorative wall fan.

“Donated in memory of Allen Blair Ramstead, father, grandfather, husband, musician, vocalist and arranger. He lived and loved with music at the core of his soul and piratitude filling his spirit.”



Prudencio Sáez started his own business in 1963 after working for others Guitarreros, the family business GUISAMA S.L. built their guitars in true artisan style, adapting to the needs of the market, from the most basic classical and flamenco guitars, through mid-range models with cutaway and amplified guitars.For some models it is as if time had stopped, because its production is entirely hand crafted and carefully made, because this is what this type of instruments requires.The brand Prudencio Sáez is very well known on the national and international levels, since much of its production goes abroad. Today, D.Prudencio Sáez Marín (3rd generation) manager of this company in Torrent, continues the family tradition to the art of building excellent guitars. Guitarras Prudencio Saez are one of the best classical guitar brands for their tremendous quality price ratio.

ramrod On November - 12 - 2014