The Swashbuckler's Ball

The Paperboys


Mexican Son Jarocho mixed in with Irish Jigs and Reels and a good dose of Country and Bluegrass. It has healthy servings of Ska, Soca and African Highlife and we’ve been known to throw in a little White Boy Reggae. Of course it also has strains of Soul, Pop and Funk although we are by no means a funk band. It is mostly Acoustic although we also like Electric guitars. It is Singer-Songwriter based but not the coffee house variety. It is definitely FOLK music, but not in the Kumbaya style. It has a deep respect and appreciation for tradition (Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, Son) but it’s by no means Traditional. It Rocks incredibly hard and is extremely danceable, but that is not to say it can’t be mellow and slow and beautiful. It can be heart breaking, but also joyous. It is never dark or angst ridden, and always full of hope – but not in the ‘Up With People’ kind of way. It’s not Jazz, although we like Jazz a lot. It’s not heavy metal or punk or grunge, although we love Rush and AC/DC. It is World Roots Music. It’s POP music. It is GOOD music. It has a tendency to connect people and means a lot to many folks the world over, and for that we are very grateful. It is the only multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-lingual, multi-instrumental, genre bending, co-ed band you will hear today!

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Perpetual SwashBall favorite, Chervona mixes together taste and passion of the best Gypsy, Russian, Ukrainian, klezmer and Balkan musical traditions, Chervona brings the fire of Eastern European carnivals to the land of America. With their authenticity and genuine fire Chervona has stolen many hearts. Shining with their brass section and capturing soul with the traditional sounds of the old world and new interpretations, Chervona transforms a celebration into an ultimate party! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and pretty underwear – Chervona’s parties are known for people dancing all night and taking off their clothes!

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Coming Up Threes


Coming Up Threes started with a text from Bill Tollner to Jeremy Bauer. Two days later, Naoyuki Ochiai, former fiddler for AMADAN and an extraordinary classical violinist and James Mackessy, a bass playing phenom, were also excited to be on board. Upon joining AMADAN for a sold-out show with on St. Patrick’s Day, 2012, at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, the band scored one of the finest drummers in Oregon, Dave Fender. Just as the lads were settling into their groove and discovering who they were, James and his wife left for greener pastures in Santa Barbara, forever family to Coming Up Threes. James’ departure opened the door for a bass player, which, to the great fortune of the lads of Coming Up Threes , was quickly filled by the ridiculously talented Charlie Norris of the Flailing Inhalers.

What to Expect at a ComingUpThrees (CU3) Show: CU3 aims to do 3 things with every show: 1) Entertain the crowd; 2) Challenge each other musically; and 3) Have fun! CU3 wants the crowd to feel like they are part of the show. The blend of Drums, Bass and Guitar with traditional Celtic instruments such as Penny Whistle, Bodhran (Irish Drum), Fiddle and Accordion has been demonstrated time and time again to bring out diverse audiences ranging from tattooed punk-rockers in the front to their pint-hoisting grandparents near the back. The music tactfully varies from melodic, orchestral instrumentals, to stylized a-capella arrangements mixed with high-energy, fist raising Celtic Pub tunes. There’s not a foot that goes untapped, nor a body unmoved when Coming Up Threes takes the stage!

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Bergamot Burlesque


Returning to the SwashBall stage, Bergamot Burlesque specializes in burlesque productions including elegant showcases headlined by living legends and themed productions, as well as showcases catered to specific events.

Founded by Infamous Nina Nightshade, Bergamot Burlesque has been bringing burlesque shows to the Pacific Northwest since 2009.

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PDXYAR is home to some of the most cutthroat scallywags, rogues, and mercenaries to ever set sail on the Northwest Coast.. Thse Swashbucklers of Stumptown formed their band of miscreants in early 2008 and have since been raiding ports with their unique brand of piratical entertainment and living history. The crew of El Tiburon will bring a glorious set of sea shanties and drinking songs to the Belwodecks Stage. Raise yer pint and join these Corsairs of the I-5 Corridor in song! Huzzah!


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