The Swashbuckler's Ball

This year we are bringing you more than one option for getting your image captured at SwashBall. We will be offing our traditional photobooth with Quixotic Images and a new this year is a “SlowCamera Photobooth”. Get your details below.

We are excited to have Joshua Dommermuth of Quixotic Images returning to provide the SwashBall Photo booth again this year.


Quixotic Images is the studio photography and fine art of Portland artist Joshua Dommermuth, specializing in meaningful portraiture, fashion, and commissioned fine art images.

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The Quixotic Images Photobooth located on the BelowDecks level in the same location.

SlowCamera Photobooth

New to SwashBall this year, we will be having a second option for capturing memories.

Picture, if you will, photobooth in your mind. Now subtract the camera and photographer and add a live painter (or other sketchy artist). People pose together or alonesome, and get a little painting instead of a photograph.

Meet the artists:

Cloe Ashton is an illustrator with seven years of professional experience working in Portland Oregon. Her art has been showcased at CODA Gallery, Albina press, Rudy’s on Division, and Moshi Moshi. Her art often incorporates her love of natural science, geek culture and pagan aesthetics.

See Cloe’s online portfolio
Kizzy Anel is a traditional artist who enjoys working on black paper and painting canvas costumes. She enjoys doing pieces and projects in sets or series, letting things evolve as the images progress from one root idea. Her primary influences include her love of costumes and cosplay, movies and books such as The Labyrinth and the Darkangel Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce.

You can see Kizzy’s work here.


Simran Gleason is an artist and a nerd. Lately he has been sighted doing SlowCamera paparazzi, painting bands, plays, and yes even pirates, live and in-person.

Click here for art by Simran Gleason


Please keep in mind depending on the volume of people seeking a “SlowPhoto”, it is possible they might not be able to get to everyone. Please, plan accordingly.

The SlowCamera Photobooth will be located on the BelowDecks level.

ramrod On November - 10 - 2016